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Advanced Charitable Planning

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Are a common technique, either during your lifetime or as a component of your trust, to provide a lifetime income stream to you (and your spouse) or to someone else (such as your friend or your child), with the remainder passing to one or more charities of your choice. If you create it to run for your lifetime, you can even reserve the right to change your mind as to which charity(ies) receive the balance at your death.

Designating the Right Asset to Pass to Charity at Your Death

Most people don´t realize that their will is the last place they should be inserting a gift to charity.

Family Foundations and Creating Funds within a Community Foundation

We have extensive experience creating many different, unique funds with community foundations to help you, as philanthropist, create a fund which accomplishes precisely your long term goals, and we can show you how to make the fund continue for countless generations. Private foundations, both in the form of corporations with boards of directors and in the form of perpetual charitable trusts, are tools that we have used to benefit many clients and their causes.