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Thinking About Doing Estate Planning

By Stephen J. Smith The Family Vision Experience™ You have contacted us and made an appointment for estate planning. We are mailing (with this article) our Starter Kit, including hints on filling it out. This article is intended to give you quick overview of our unique way of doing estate planning, which we call The.. Read More

The Inheritance Hypothesis

By Stephen J. Smith The Family Vision Experience™ This hypothetical is a well disguised composite of several actual cases.  A couple had three sons in their mid-40s when we met them. The couple had achieved very significant wealth from a successful business and other investments, and they were staring at a 7-figure estate tax at.. Read More

Why Some Clients are Using Loose Trusts in their Estate Plans

By Stephen J. Smith The Family Vision Experience™ Although not an actual case, it is inspired by many cases we have handled. Our clients put their daughter through college; she graduated debt free. She has a stable job with bright prospects, working for a fine employer. She is in good health and is careful with.. Read More

Important Updates to Landlord-Tenant Laws

The Wisconsin Legislature recently made some important changes to the landlord-tenant laws. Wisconsin Act 176 went into effect March 2, 2016. The updates contained in this legislation could be very useful to landlords in several ways. But before taking advantage of the changes, landlords should be cautious to make sure they follow the correct procedures.. Read More

Making Breakups a Little Better: The Benefits of Cohabitation Agreements

By: Jennifer O. Hemmer As the idea of the family unit evolves, many people are choosing to wait to get married until later in life, or deciding not to marry at all, and instead, choose to cohabitate with their partner. Cohabitating can be a practical and viable arrangement for some, allowing couples to combine households.. Read More

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRUTs)

By Stephen J. Smith The Family Vision Experience™ Key learning over a career of estate planning: almost everyone should consider a charitable remainder trust as part of their estate plan. In creating well defined rules, Congress created highly useful planning opportunities: In 1969 Congress passed legislation meant to reform an area of abuse – where.. Read More

Bob Bichler Celebrates 50 Years in Practice

June 2014 marks Mr. Bob Bichler’s 50th anniversary of practicing law in Wisconsin. Bob Bichler graduated from Marquette Law School in June of 1964. From 1964–1965, he clerked  for Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice George Currie. He later went on to become an integral member of the firm that would eventually become Hostak, Henzl & Bichler. Bob.. Read More

HHB Launches New Website

Hostak, Henzl & Bichler, SC., is proud to announce the launch of our new website.  You will notice that our site is mobile responsive, and looks great in both tablets and phones.  The site is built with the future of technology in mind, so we will be able to maintain a fast and efficient presence.. Read More